Almuth Lutkenhause-Lackey

A three-figure sculpture by the German-born Canadian artist Katharina Almuth Lutkenhause-Lackey was recently repaired in the studio. The 15 cm tall bronze group had been knocked over and the top figure had broke off.

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Almuth Lutkenhause-Lackey is best know for her Christa-figure “Crucified Woman” originally installed at the Toronto Bloor St United Church and later moved to Emmanuel College. In 1979 this was the second such crucified female Christ sculpture which has continually stimulated strong reactions and has inspired heated christological discussions.

Many of her works were cast in bronze and are now part of private and public collections. The realistic sculpture, a three-figure balancing group, bears the artist’s typical modeling technique. The main female figure is anchored to a small white marble base and the two children figures attach to it. Looking in profile one can see that the weight of the group shifts towards the back rendering it unstable.

The broken figure was welded back on. Since the point of attachment was small and the joint bears lots of structural weight we chose  fusing over brazing, soldering or epoxy. Because the two figures come together at their heads (area with highest detail ) the repair was unobtrusive and an active effort was made to disturb as little of the original patina as possible.

The repaired areas received some patination and hot wax to blend with the rest of the bronze surface.