Our Favourite Cenotaph

GanCenoBT GanCenoAT

Over the last six years we have had the privilege to initially conserve and continually maintain a cenotaph which unites a small community and presides over the memories of their lost heroes.

The monument consists of a granite base, with slightly larger than life bronze sculpture of a soldier. The initial treatment reduced the built up corrosion, converted it to a stable patina and waxed the bronze surface to protect it from the harsh elements. The stone base was cleaned, re-pointed and the faded incised lettering was in-painted.

Every year an active maintenance program has been followed and the result is a sculpture in stable condition which provides an attractive focal point in a busy central park.

Working in late Fall makes for splendid backdrops.


Treatment Dates: July – August 2005; November 2006: November 2007; November 2008; and November 2010