Bosch Investigation Holland & Belgium


For a week in late November Alexander Gabov was part of a small team of historians, conservators and photographers who started a multi-year technical investigation of panel paintings by the world renowned Hieronymus Bosch. The team spent time in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which is commonly called “Den Bosch”, Ghent in Belgium and conducted some equipment testing at the conservation program at Maastricht back in Holland.

Three paintings were successfully documented. High resolution digital photography, IR photography and IR reflectography were all used to document the paintings.
IRR OsirisIRR (Osiris)High Res SinHigh Res Detail (Sinar)

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S25C-410120117020 (<- pdf download)

Our Favourite Cenotaph

GanCenoBT GanCenoAT

Over the last six years we have had the privilege to initially conserve and continually maintain a cenotaph which unites a small community and presides over the memories of their lost heroes.

The monument consists of a granite base, with slightly larger than life bronze sculpture of a soldier. The initial treatment reduced the built up corrosion, converted it to a stable patina and waxed the bronze surface to protect it from the harsh elements. The stone base was cleaned, re-pointed and the faded incised lettering was in-painted.

Every year an active maintenance program has been followed and the result is a sculpture in stable condition which provides an attractive focal point in a busy central park.

Working in late Fall makes for splendid backdrops.


Treatment Dates: July – August 2005; November 2006: November 2007; November 2008; and November 2010